Career assessment and counseling are not a luxury for the rich — they are a necessity for anyone desiring to succeed in today's changing workplace!

Career Compatibilities is a job, career, and educational guidance service whose purpose is to help you find the right match. Our programs, created by Dr. Jim Stout, are designed to assist professional men, women, and students in evaluating their skills, abilities, interests, job/career/academic needs, and goals. Proven strategies, techniques, and practical materials (interviewing, networking, college information, academic majors, and many other topics are used).

Career counseling is a critical tool for job happiness and success.

Few high school/college students get in-depth academic/career guidance from their overworked school counselors. Usually, they are just given general information: catalogues, entrance requirements, and financial aid.

Studies show:

  • Many working Americans are unhappy or unproductive on their jobs.
  • The average 21 year old American will hold 4-6 careers, 8-12 jobs, and work approximately 4 years per job.
  • The workplace is changing dramatically due to competition, downsizing, technological advances, mergers, restructuring, government regulations, etc. This results in more frequent changes and increased stress.

It will be critical to know your life strengths and be able to effectively market yourself in the decade ahead. With career guidance you can increase your chances of getting the job that matches your life strengths and is truly satisfying.