About Dr. Jim Stout

Dr. Jim Stout has job/career/education-counseled over 8500 men, women and students since 1965: business, professional, executive, management persons professional football and baseball players staffs from companies, organizations, and churches high school, college, and graduate students wage earners with varied specialties.

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Mental Health Counseling Experience

  • Counseled hundreds of mentally ill persons, their spouses and family members

  • Counseled 10-15 seriously-depressed or suicidal individuals a month

  • Interviewed in excess of 2000 patients and their family members, and more than 200 psychiatrists, psychologists, MFT’s, social workers and physicians of regarding treatment of and recovery from depression and bipolar disorder

Recent Accomplishments

  • Taught Job/Career Transition Seminars at Orange Coast College and elsewhere

  • Organized a special Leadership Breakfast for the Gathering, USA, an outreach to business and professional men in Orange County, CA (over 850 attended)

  • Organized and spoke at Men’s, Women’s and civic leadership prayer breakfasts

  • Guidance Counseled (since 1965) over 8,000 business professionals, college & professional athletes & coaches, and students

Awards and Recognition

  • Listed in 1993 Marquis’ Edition of Who’s Who in the West

  • Listed in 1976-77 Marquis’ Edition of Who’s Who in Religion

  • Listed in 1973 volume of Outstanding Young Men of America

  • Medical Advisor of the American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Won Golden Glove Heavyweight Boxing championships in Pennsylvania and Ohio in 1961

Personal Background

  • A husband of his wife, Leah, since 1967 (47 years)

  • A father of two grown, married sons

  • A grandfather of four grandchildren

  • A published author

  • A speaker and teacher

  • A pastor (Presbyterian) since 1969

  • A leader who enjoys humor and practical jokes

  • A former athlete (football, wrestling, boxing, triathlons) who enjoys long distance recumbent bike rides, hunting, and fishing

  • A former volunteer coach (football, wrestling, boxing)

  • The handler of a therapy dog, "Thunder, the Wonder Dog"

  • A painter and sculptor

  • An amateur magician


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