"Dr. Jim Stout's Testing and Evaluation was Right-on-Target! It was accurate and very helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend his Career/Aptitude Test and Personal Counseling to others! ... including my 3 adult children and 17 staff members."

Dr. George L. Blanc
Dean of Community Services
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California

"Dr. James Stout is a sensitive, insightful, caring person who, through the years, has evidenced a superb capacity to counsel persons at a point of career indecision or transition. The proof is in the results, and I have observed some of the men of our church who have been permanently impacted by Jim's gifted counsel. It is with great enthusiasm that I wholeheartedly recommend the service of Dr. Jim Stout."  

Dr. John A. Huffman, Sr. Minister
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Newport Beach, California
(4,500 members)

"Jim's program confirmed some strengths and exposed others. It prompted me to rethink my goals."

Hank Weber, Weber Nameplate
Newport Beach, California

"Jim helped me to realize the variety of roles I need for fulfillment, and that I dare not let my creative side go dormant."    

Dr. Larry Kreider, President
Gathering, Orlando, Florida

"Confirmed my abilities that I thought I had and pointed out various types of positions that would fit my abilities. Dr. Stout's sensitivity and perception were a real encouragement."    

Dr. Robert R. Long, President    
Coalition for Christian Outreach
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Enabled me to view change as an opportunity rather than a threat. I also was inspired to never ever give up.    

Marsha J. Lee, Graphic Artist
Fortune 500 Corporation, Irvine, California

"Dr. Stout's aptitude counseling is the best I've received.

Thomas Hemenway, Salesman
Atlanta, Georgia

"has given me confidence to risk going back to school [graduate]. I now have a clear understanding of my abilities and now know practical ways to apply my skills."

Dianna Louise Speidel,
Graduate Student, Princeton, New Jersey

"Helped me redirect my energies in the proper direction towards a career that I would enjoy."

David Blackard, Hospital Administrator
Corona del Mar, California 

"Learned some things about myself I never really looked at before."

Barbara Johnson
College Student
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Original references are on file at the Rebuilding Your Life office and may be seen upon request.